• Dropper Bottle Packs
  • Dry Syrup & Lotion Bottles
  • Tablet Containers
  • Shampoo Bottle with Flip Top Cap
  • Nasal Spray Container
  • Dry Syrup & Lotion Containers
  • Mouth Wash Containers
  • Powder & Solution Containers
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Welcome to Allied Plastics

Allied Plastics is committed to cater fine quality packaging for the Pharmaceutical, cosmetic & Food Industries.Knowing & understanding the sensitivity of the product of our clients, we manufacture. The article in dust free environment under LAMINAR flow. Indigenous & imported, virgin & medical grade raw material is used to manufacture the large range of IBM, Injection & Blow Molding products and are available in various shape & sizes. Our Products are Eye & Ear Dropper Packs, Tablet & Capsule Containers, Nasal & Powder Spray container, Oil & Lens Solution Container, Lotion & Cream Container, Shampoo Bottles with Flip – Top cap, Child resistant , Dry syrup Bottles, Mouth Wash Containers, Balm & Cream type Containers and many more….

Our commitment to Quality

These products are manufactured under dust free conditions to ensure zero contamination and a high degree of adherence to quality & consistency. Our Production is now under controlled environment, equivalent to ‘Class 100,000’ category category. Our works are located at at Dadra,(UT of DNH).The raw materials used by us are LDPE, HDPE, PP and LUPOLEN, which is a medical grade plastic, widely accepted by pharmaceutical companies across the Globe.

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